“Leaders expect others to have strong measurable goals, and care about others achieving their goals as much as they do their own”

Goals are not worth having…….

  • If they are not thought-out
  • If they are not measurable
  • If they are not written down
  • If they are not often repeated and review in messaging and conversations
  • If results against the goals are not reviewed periodically
  • If no one cares about achieving them

Leaders have goals and expect those on their team to have goals as well.   Leaders will help their team formulate goals if needed, but do expect that it becomes a thought process in regards to what leads to success.    If there are goals, there is a plan behind those goals, and if there is a plan, it can be worked and leaders can help their team members and other leaders work the plan and achieve the desired results.

Leaders can truly serve their team members and “work for them” if everyone knows what the goals are, and cares about achieving them.

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