“There is no U in Leadership”

A leader has arrived once they fully accept the inability to make excuses for themselves.

To lead requires an acceptance of total responsibility for guiding the organization to success.  Leaders are expected to care for others and the organization first, and themselves second.  It requires giving recognition to others when things go well, and taking the credit when they do not.  It can never be about the leader and what “they” did.   It is always about the team, how awesome the are, and why the leader should have recognized potential failures before they occurred.   A person can truly lead once this is all (it is not about you) embraced.

As a final thought……Leadership requires a genuine understanding of what does not get done for you (U) as a leader:

  • Acceptance and understanding of your role as a leader.
  • Strategy Development
  • Recognizing the need to change or restructure
  • Change
  • Putting people in the right spots and making changes when needed
  • Maintaining your own work/life balance
  • Holding others accountable
  • Caring enough about others to be truly empathetic
  • Keeping the team focused on what matters