“If the vision is off, every supporting resource is as well”

Lack of vision is a frustration; one so paramount to Leadership that it cannot be ignored.  The vision for the organization changes with time.  When we enter a transition phase and the vision becomes blurred, we become restless.  The goal is to regain clarity as quickly as possible and communicate with the team in order to start executing at full speed again.   Many organizations, executives, and/or projects fail because they continue (and let those they lead continue) down a path that they no longer believe in, and they let it go on for too long.  They know something should be done; so many factors have changed that they should be changing as well.  However, if they treat it like unneccessary noise, everything eventually deteriorates.

There are many leaders in each organization.  Each person must have a vision for their role and goals, and must own them.  They design their strategy, create the work, and they take the responsibility for executing.  Therefore, they must always have a clear vision as well, and if it is not clear it should frustrate them to the point of resolution.  

Regardless of the leadership role we play in the organization, if the vision no longer makes sense, stress and frustration set in.  This is natural and it happens to everyone, so our success as leaders is more about our reaction.  It all starts with something not feeling quite right and usually boils over to knowing that we have to change directions.  In some cases it is just a tweak, while in others it is an overhaul.   Regardless, we cannot ignore the need for a clear vision.  Our vision is our plan that leads to strategy and ultimately execution.  If the vision is off, every supporting resource is as well.