“Discipline is the common sense way to success”

Many people look for the “trick” to getting ahead, or they are waiting on something good to happen to them.   They do not realize that “tricks” or being extremely lucky are rare occurrences, and when they do happen they are either illegal or short-lived in most cases.  There is no better or quicker way to long-term success, than through discipline.  So what does discipline look like?

  • Work hard!  You’re not going to make it working 8 hours a day
  • Determine quantifiable goals the will lead to growth/success
  • Change your routine to accommodate activities that support the goals
  • Prioritize accordingly and minimize activities that are not supportive
  • Disciplined Life Balance:  Family, Mental, Spiritual, Personal Fitness, Community
  • Accountability:  Have someone other than a boss, board, etc., to hold you accountable

As disciplined as leaders may seem to others – good leaders always believe they can be better.   It is absolutely the common sense way to success and the only chance of influencing others to be more disciplined, is to be more disciplined ourselves.

Some of our biggest wins in Leadership are getting those we lead to understand and fully commit to discipline.  Once this happens, there is fundamental change that positively impacts the individual, those around them, and the organization.