“Manipulation has no place in Leadership”

It is unfortunate when those who manipulate others are put into Leadership roles. Manipulation has a negative connotation, and for good reason. To manipulate is to use shrewd or devious management tactics, especially for ones own advantage. Great Leaders do not manipulate, because it is the most disrespectful thing to do to the smart and dedicated people who signed up to be on a true leader’s team.

The best and brightest only want to be with the best and brightest, but more importantly, they value a leader who is genuine and who truly cares about them, over everything else.

Manipulate, and the people you value most will see right through you. Be genuine and they will go the extra mile – this is what great leaders do, whereas manipulation is only a tactic for those who are too lazy to do the real leadership work, and for those that do not realize that the people on their team are smart enough to tell the difference between being led vs. manipulated.