“For an organization to lead its industry, requires that every team member go the extra mile in serving the customer”

This week I have been attending a conference in Boca Raton, FL, and have been staying at The Boca Resort.   Today is check out day, so I cleaned out my room and left my bag with the Bellman.  Later this morning I realized that I left my wedding ring in my room.

I called the main number for The Boca Resort and was transferred to Ed in security/lost and found.   I told Ed about my issue and he took down my room number, cell phone, etc..   He let me know that he was going to go look for it personally and would call me right back.   Five minutes later he called and let me know he had “saved me from a beating” (he found the ring), and that he would leave it with the front desk manager so that I did not have to come to the security office, which was located in another building.   At this point he and I were referring to each other as “buddy”, “friend”, etc..  I thanked him and hung up as a satisfied customer.

Ten minutes later Ed calls me back.   He wanted to know if he should hop in his car and bring it over to where I was at the exhibit hall, so that I did not have to take time out of my day to come over to the hotel building.  I thanked him for the offer, but declined since I had to go back over the hotel to retrieve my bag anyway.

WOW! – I was already satisfied, but Ed took it a step further.    He would not have done this unless he genuinely cared and had customer service at the top of his mind.