“Others pay more attention to our actions than to our words”

Leaders are under constant observation. Our actions are always more powerful than our words. It can be frustrating to us when those we lead do not act on the things that we ask them to. They tend to wait until they see us or someone else have success in a new area, before they will take action themselves. Therefore, if you want to accelerate results, make something happen before you ask the team to do it themselves. Observation is a better motivator, than is a hypothetical strategy.

“Doing what you say requires extreme care and discipline regarding what you say”

The quickest way to rise and fall is to over promise. While it may appear that others sometimes get away with it, those promises and commitments always come back to them. Never let appearances cloud your vision on what is the right way to grow. The only concrete and stable path to growth is hard work, honesty, and working with fantastic people.