When exciting new ideas/ventures present themselves, challenge the fit first, and then the fundamentals. Both must be a match for exponential success.

The financial end of an analysis means nothing if you don’t have the right team, and if you cannot envision being the best in the marketplace.   A good example is my wife Kristen’s bridal shop (Vocellesbridal.com).   She had the idea and what was the first thing I did?  I ran numbers and created a proforma – it passed that test.   Next – she had never worked retail and I knew for certain I was not able or passionate about being involved in the day to day operations myself (although I did sell the second dress ever!).   So what gave me the confidence that it would be a good fit for her and our family?  It was her care for people and how compassionate she is.  She is not a financial person or a sales person….she just cares and and it is genuine and absolute.   Nothing was more important for that business because her having that is what is required for the financials to work, for her to push forward as a working mom, work Saturday’s, etc.

Just remember that the fit and passion drive the numbers – make sure you have that first!

“It all comes out in the wash, so why not make sure it is clean?”

I can really screw up the simple act of washing clothes; leave them in the washer too long before moving them to the dryer and I have to start all over; use the wrong amount of detergent and failure happens again; and last/worst – when I try to do something nice for my wife, I ruin their favorite clothes.   Yep, I have done all these things and it is the one chore I am not allowed to do any longer.

With the concept of leadership we are focused on practicing proactive communication, planning, and execution.   Organizations can exist and will continue (for some period of time) to move forward without these things, however it would not be the leadership way, nor would it be clean (netting the best results).      Here are just a few examples in the form of questions:

  • If you know the keys to success in your business, are you proactively and consistently measuring them so that you can ensure outcomes are in line with goals?
  • Do you come up with new goals and plans routinely and well ahead of the time period in focus, or do you wait until bad things start happening?
  • Should you wait to tell your team about health insurance changes, only after they have received their new insurance cards and start having questions?
  • When great things happen do you proactively let your team know, or just let them find out from someone else?  The same goes for when bad things happen.
  • When there is a customer issue are you out ahead of it and communicating with the client, or do you let it sit too long, only for them to become more agitated and start making inquiries?

Leaders have the right answers to the questions above.  Not only that, through their actions they have instilled leadership concepts in their organizations; their team would have the same answers.

To be conscious and proactive is a choice.  It is all about thinking ahead, understanding the importance of good communication, and genuinely caring about all stakeholders.