“We do not get today back”

I was working out this morning and one of the trainers was giving me a hard time.  No matter what weight I pick up, or how fast I am doing something, they seem to always find something to pick on me about.  This quote was derived from something said by one of them today.  He walks behind me and says….  “Come on Donny, you should be doing 60lbs, not 30lbs.  What kind of example are you setting for the new guys?  Just remember you will not get this workout back, this one only counts for today”.  Pretty harsh, but I do like the fact they push me and I need it when it comes to exercise.   What really stuck with me was the last part – “this one only counts for today”.  As leaders we must remember that we will not get today back and therefore we must make the most of it.   This is not to say that every day is meant to be great.  In fact, some will be absolutely horrible.  What matters is how we how we handle people, how we focus/prioritize, the effort we put forth, and how we bounce back.

In the workplace, if we are in sales, is it possible to make 1 or 2 more prospecting calls into that new niche we are trying to conquer?  Or how about getting to the next step with one of our strategic accounts?  Are we emailing because it is easier and less intimidating than making a phone call to someone we do not know?  If we go to a conference and decide not to go to the hospitality event because we are not feeling it, we will not get that networking opportunity back.  If we are in the marketing/advertising department and do not send out the advertising or the press releases right when there needs to be hype, the moment is lost and cannot be gotten back.  If we are in management and do not react to an employee that needs attention (good or bad), the moment is lost and so is the opportunity that came along with it.  If we are in IT, is there more proactive things we can do today to prevent future work overload?  The reality is that success requires action, and action at the right time.  Is today the right time to make something happen?  If so, don’t let it pass without doing so.

At home there is that common saying that you should not go to bed at night upset with one another.   All of us can get somewhat moody with those we love, and the best we can do is remember that we will not get today or the current moment back.  If this thought can be ingrained in us, each day will likely be more pleasant for us and those around us.

The past being the past means that we cannot reach into yesterday and change something about it.  So until time machines are a reality (and even then), let’s remember that we will never get today back, and act accordingly.  Make today count.