“Attitudes are Contagious”

The attitude of the organization starts with the leadership within, but can be impacted by any member of the team.   As leaders we must always remain cognizant of how our attitude impacts the culture and the individuals we work with.   Additionally, we must pay attention to the attitudes of others and the impact they have on the organization.   People do not realize the impact their negativity can have (Good team members never want to harm the organization).  Once made aware they usually realize that they do not understand all the factors and/or that their stance needs an adjustment.

For an organization to succeed, the team must believe in the goals and the current execution path whole heartedly.   If the belief is not there, then there is likely an attitude problem.  Otherwise, there is something larger and fundamental that needs to be corrected right away.

3 thoughts on ““Attitudes are Contagious”

  1. I could not agree more, Donny! I recently designed and developed a customer service training course. I created and entire section on attitudes and their impacts. The section title is “Contagion”! It was inspired by a quote by Dennis and Wendy Mannering, motivational speakers, that states “Attitudes are contagious, are yours worth catching?” We should all be cognizant of what we do and say at all times. The little things are what define who were are, what we represent and determine how much we get back in return. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, as a recent member of the MCCi team in Tallahassee, I have enjoyed the improvements of the taskforce my co-workers and I are experiencing. The up flow in updates and activities keeps a refreshing outlook for each day and improves our quality and inspires a attitude that can drive any possibility to the team.

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