“Make decisions based on your criteria, not someone else’s”

The worst decisions we make stem from letting another organization or person have too much influence.  This happens when hiring employees, negotiating a contract, partnering with another business, buying products / services for our organization or in our personal lives, etc. 

The first step is ensuring we have developed a set of criteria that will be our guide during the decision-making process.  Then we must stick to it or know that we will end up regretting our decision.   Sometimes we want to grow so badly that we become easy to influence.   We start testing the numerous discrepancies that are being pushed on us against our criteria and slowly begin to accept them.  We do so because we still have our eyes set on the original outcome/vision.   So what if you don’t get that contract that would have been unprofitable?  So what if you don’t hire an employee who would have caused more stress and less productivity because they were not the right fit?  So what if you don’t buy a business that wants more than you are willing to pay?  The answer to all these is that if a decision is made to not do something, and it is based on sound criteria, then we are much better off.

No leader likes to go backwards.  Eventually we learn that making a bad decision is much worse for growth than deciding not to do something.  With good criteria, patience and discipline, comes high quality decisions and exponential growth.

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