“Organizations lacking leadership make for easy targets”

Organizations lacking leadership are routinely outperformed by their competition, and taken advantage of by others.  In this context, the definition of an “organization” can be broken down to many sub-levels.  For example, a division needs leadership, a sales territory needs leadership, project management over a book of business needs leadership, etc..  Regardless of the level and/or size of an organization, leadership is crucial to success.

Organizations with strong leadership will consistently outperform organizations lacking it.   And at every level (not just sales) there is some form of competition.  For example, a division competes with a division from a rival company; a sales territory competes with another sales organization in the same territory; those performing the work compete with the organization’s competitors in regards to the quality of work and customer satisfaction achieved.  At every level, leadership determines our winning percentage.  Good leadership is the easiest and most consistent way to win.

Organizations that lack leadership are often the focus of “advantage takers”.   Leadership adds a proactive focus on protecting the organization when leaders maintain a strong moral compass and lead consistently.   Every time an organization is taken advantage of by another entity, it causes deterioration in value and will possibly lead to failure.   When leadership is apparent it is not worth the time of another entity to attempt to take advantage of us.  Let’s not give them a reason to focus on us.

No organization or individual wants to be seen as an “easy target” by others.  Leadership is the answer and it is up to us as leaders to ensure that leadership is achieved and maintained at every level of the organization.

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