“If you don’t like it, change it”

We must do our best to lead with action and a positive attitude.   There is always a better, smarter, and more efficient way to be doing things.  Ignoring areas that need change, or even worse – complaining about them, is unnecessary, un-productive and demoralizing to others.   Every day we have the opportunity to improve and sometimes it is quite blurry and stressful to know what to focus on next.   We must continue to prioritize and do what is best for the organization and if we improve a little each day the results are amazing over time.  

Now imagine a different environment where everyone is just “ok” with how things are.  They are “ok” because it takes little effort to be that way.  If they do not like something they can and will complain about it every time they have to deal with it.   If there is something they think needs improvement, their first thought is “not my job”, or “I can’t control that”, or “someone else will take care of it one day”.   Granted, there will always be people that think this way and sometimes they are right depending on what their role is.  However, leaders think in terms like “If it is to be, it is up to me”.   They carry the organization forward, they support and keep others motivated, and they recognize their teams for the good work they do.  

Who are the leaders on your team? Can we help others grasp it and gain the desire to change and grow?

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