Leaders have the self-discipline to audit themselves

When is the last time you worked through your list of key tasks, goals, and your overall plan?  These are the things you said you would do; the things you know need attention; and most importantly, they are the things others are expecting you to do.   The worst mistake is to delay doing this when times are tough.   That is the exact time when you need to refocus and crush the noise.  procrastination should be our only enemy.

The addition of some outside auditors is key as well.   How refreshing is it when someone on your team asks “what can I be doing better?”  When is the last time you asked your mentors, peers, etc. what you can be doing better? Ask and they will answer.   It takes guts to ask someone where you are failing in their eyes, but it is in many cases the quickest way to uncover a needed course correction.

Hope you crush your day today!

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