“Leaders are all different, but they are all Outliers”

This one is a tribute to my dad because he deserves it, and because I might have forgotten to wish him a happy Fathers Day.   I was recently fortunate to attend an educational event where the theme was “Outliers”.  All the speakers had to reference why they were, or why someone else was an Outlier.   For added clarity, all reference points were tied to  “Outliers – The Story of Success”, a great book written by Malcolm Gladwell.  An Outlier is a person that is different, and their specific differences are what make them successful.   I will not spend anymore time explaining the term because Malcolm Gladwell has already done that.

I just want to talk about my dad.   He is the Michael Jordan of his industry.  Why?

  • He is relational and not transactional
  • He works harder than anyone else I know
  • He is friends with his customers – thousands of them….literally
  • He is so in touch with his customers that they have given him an honorary designation for their industry in over 30 states
  • When people think of him, they say… “There will never be another Dale Barstow”.
  • He always taught his kids to do the right thing regardless of the impact on ourselves
  • He loves what he does and he does it well
  • He has over 17,000 hours logged as a pilot, he is still with us, and there is no one I trust more in an airplane than him
  • He made the time to be a great dad even through all the success I have mentioned above

I can’t say anymore to have those who don’t know my dad suddenly know his monumental success he has had with his career and family – but if you know Dale, you know.

Here’s to you dad – thanks for being a great one and for inspiring me to be an Outlier.  I am working on it!

3 thoughts on ““Leaders are all different, but they are all Outliers”

  1. Donny, no greater testimonial could ever be made to a father than your tribute to your dad!

    I’d also add that the apple hasn’t fallen very far from the tree!

  2. Donnie, all so true about your dad and my great friend. After seeing this i call him to wish him happy fathers day also.

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