There is no “I” in Growth

We directly impact our personal growth, however the direct impact we have on others and the impact they have on those they lead is what leads to exponential organizational growth.

Those focused on growth who have not fully bought into the concept of leadership, have likely not hit their personal ceiling yet.  I clearly remember when it happened to me.  I was leading our company and was the primary sales person.   I was good at sales and we were successful in every sense, however I was not satisfied because I believed there was so much more potential; I became frustrated.   The answer was Leadership and a shift to investing in people.

Ever since that moment, people and Leadership have been the focus.  To be more clear…..Hiring the best, challenging  them, them challenging me, treating them fairly, and creating an environment where we all win together, have been the keys to consistent growth.

Today I rarely sell anything and yet we break sales records every year.  This is because we have the best people, support systems, and because we have a culture of  knowing we can always do better.   The same concept spans across all areas of the organization because of our focus on Leadership. 

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