“Leadership evolves with accountability”

Leadership check-up:  How much are we holding ourselves and others accountable vs. being held accountable by others?

If we have to check in with others weekly, set goals, ask for reports, and constantly help innovate, it likely means there is some leadership lacking on their part (this is fine if they are in roles where the need is expected).   However, if there are up and coming leaders that report to us and they have been vocal about their desire to grow, the most important thing for them to realize is that leadership evolves with accountability.   These individuals and their organizations cannot grow if their level of accountability does not grow.  It starts with them holding themselves accountable to their own responsibilities so that they do not require management, and only require leadership from others at a high-level.  Then it evolves to them requiring a much lower level of being held accountable by others, and them starting to effectively hold others accountable.

Back to the Leadership check up:  We all will remain accountable to others at some level.   However if we assess the level of accountability between those having to hold us accountable vs. those we hold accountable, it reveals quite a bit in regards to where we are with Leadership.


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