“Every position has leadership responsibilities”

Many individuals do not consider themselves leaders.  However, every position in an organization does require some level of leadership.   Regardless of position, there are responsibilities, and leading in ones area of responsibility should be required.   So at a minimal level, everyone should lead by doing the following in regards to the responsibilities of their position.

  • Raise concerns when they need to be raised.
  • Always be looking for a better way, and never be shy in communicating it.
  • Continuously make improvements.
  • Never pass the buck when it comes to customer service.  See the issue through to a resolution, even if others have to help with specific tasks.
  • Lead customers.  They do business with us for our expertise.  This is applicable to every customer facing role.
  • Make decisions based on what is in the best interest of the customer.

Organizations that encourage every team member to embrace these leadership responsibilities are typically the organizations that take the best care of customers and their team, while experiencing a high level of efficiency and growth.

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