“Without intuition there is a failure to act, and taking action without knowledge leads to failure as well”

Leaders must be both intuitive and knowledgeable.  They must be intuitive enough to sense change coming to their industry, organization, etc., and they must have the systems in place to track all key performance metrics so they are fully knowledgeable.   Knowledge and intuition feed off of one another.  If we know what is happening, our intuition can take over from that point and push us to take action on correcting an issue, or leveraging an opportunity that we might have otherwise missed.   Knowledge without intuition leads to just watching (taking no action) slow and painful failure.   Intuition without knowledge leads to scattered snap decisions and eventually a lack of confidence in the leader.   It takes discipline to consistently track and improve the performance metrics that are key to success, and this is really the starting point to running a clean and high performing organization.   Knowing the metrics and their trends fosters a higher quality of intuition that can be responsibly acted on.

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