No Leader, No Agenda, No Follow-up? Don’t Meet

We are easily consumed by unproductive meetings.  And the worst is when a meeting goes really well, but then there are no follow-up actions because there was no clear leader of the meeting, nor was there anyone taking notes and assigning follow-up tasks.   Ever have a great meeting where everyone provides feedback, only to find that none of it was captured and/or implemented?  In these cases the leader failed in their role and they are less likely to continue getting participation when others who donate their time see no correlatied outcome.  For a meeting to be productive, the meeting’s leader should be ready to listen and ensure the feedback is documented so that it can be acted on later.  Co-worker participation level becomes passive and unproductive if not.

So how do we improve?

  • Set the stage that all meetings need a leader, agenda, and the leader should be prepared to document the outcomes and ensure follow
  • Don’t take meetings unless you believe they will be productive (have a leader, agenda, and follow-up/next steps are the goal)
  • Stop meetings short and reschedule if key elements are missing

One caveat:  Brainstorming sessions are important at the early stages of a project and  may not have a specific agenda.  This is ok – but all the other elements apply.


2 thoughts on “No Leader, No Agenda, No Follow-up? Don’t Meet

  1. Can you come to my office and read this at an all-hands? My day is consumed by meetings. One other note: don’t schedule meetings for an hour if they really only need to be 30 minutes! Lets be productive, people 🙂 nice post, D

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