“Leadership requires a hierarchy of goals. The goals must be growth oriented, attainable, and must fit together”

It is that time of year again – a time of reflection and planning.  For organizations that have had a tough year, the focus for the upcoming year is on how to turn that around.  For others, the focus is on how to continue leveraging what they have done well, and on anything else they can do to positively affect their organization.

The most powerful way to draft goals is to get everyone involved.   Each team member should be asked to participate.  Their collective creativity, intellect, and passion is the most powerful asset an organization has, and the only way to harness it is to ask everyone to think.   As it relates to Leadership, we need everyone’s engagement in executing the goals, which requires belief and commitment.  Both are much easier to obtain if everyone is involved in drafting the plan/goals.

Many organizations use a top down approach to instituting goals, while some use a bottom up approach.   Using a combination of both may make the most sense.   The Leaders in the organization should have their own ideas of what success will look like and what goals are required for the new year, while those they lead are asked to come up with the same for their roles and responsibilities.  At some point the two need to be integrated, and the result will be better than if just one approach was used.  Not only will there be a higher quality plan as a result, but the goals will be more attainable due to a natural sense of ownership, and it never fails that feedback from each team member results in a more robust and meaningful set of goals for the team.

As we are working on our goals for the upcoming year, let’s make sure to involve the team, and when asking them to draft goals, be sure to give them the guidance needed;  Goals must be quantifiable, attainable, and must include time parameters.

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