“Leading is about influencing and motivating others in an effort to achieve exponential results. It is much tougher than managing”

Organizations are sustainable and prone to high growth when Leadership is a constant focus, and when their Managers are also Great Leaders!  Managers focus on engineering a process, and then efficiently managing the operations.  They must be organized, ethical, respected by others, and dependable.  They can be a good Manager without being a good leader, however, they can be great at both if they learn how to harness the power of leadership.

First, there must be an understanding and belief in Leadership.  Leadership requires….extra mental stamina; great attitude every day, even when things are not going your way; an understanding and care for what motivates each individual on the team, and then the extra effort and focus on doing just that; an understanding in regards to how much more fun and productive we are when we are led rather than managed; seeing things from others point of view before acting/reacting; and all the extra work that goes into getting others to “want” to do something.

Once there is understanding and belief, the individual has to make the decision to be a Leader.  It is similar to someone making a major lifestyle change.   It requires work, discipline, and a full understanding of why they are pursuing Leadership.  Smokers quit smoking, and overweight people lose weight, to avoid major health consequences.    Similarly, we must have our own reasons that constantly motivate us to continue the pursuit of Leadership.

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