“The quality of an organization is directly related to the quality of the people within and how they fit into their individual roles”

Regardless of it being a business organization, a community service organization, or even your personal life, good people should be the first priority in building or re-building a team.   The best way to improve is to make sure we have motivated, ethical, and hard-working people around us.    Next is to make sure those good people are in the right roles.   It is just as bad of a mistake to put a good person in the wrong role as it is to hire a person that is not motivated or hard-working.  Neither will be successful.

We often make the mistake of putting good people in the wrong roles, and then we wonder why it did not work out.  This happens because we have such a belief in the person that we think they can do anything.  There are a few out there that can do anything, and enjoy it, but it is not common.   More commonly, people need to enjoy what they do, especially if they are naturally motivated and hard-working.  If they are not built for the role, they will likely still do a decent job (because they care), but will eventually get burnt out and will move on.

The “fit” is just as important as is the quality of the person.   Both are required for long-term success, growth, and the happiness of the person and the organization.

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