I am a new dad – will I be a good one, and will I become a better leader?

I love being a dad, and I absolutely adore our daughter Eloise!  I do however feel the extra responsibility, and need for sacrifice/change that has come with parenthood.   I believe there are three key things I must do to achieve the “Best Dad” award, while continuing to grow professional and provide for my family.  First, I must rebalance (life has changed) to be here for my wife and child.  This means less sleep, and a slightly different schedule in order to get everything done.  Second, I still need to make the time to take care of my own health; neglect in this area will not allow me to be there for them long-term.  Third, and on a professional level, I must extend the capacity of the organization by increasing the level of Leadership within.

Great parents have it in them to be great leaders in a professional sense, if they understand the parallels and coherently choose to do both.  I also believe that good leaders can be great parents and may have the best expectations of what will be required, even though no one really knows what it is like until it happens.  Being a great leader in both our personal and family lives, is a daunting task.  It requires recognizing the need/desire to be great at both, committment, and then aggressively sacrificing more than we ever have to make it happen.  Being a good leader professionally or a good parent, does not make success in the other automatic.  It makes success more probable, but as usual, success will require significant change. 

I am currently focused on being successful in both my daddy duties, and my professional leadership responsibilities.  I know many great people who are living proof it can be done, which inspires me and gives me the confidence that I can do it as well.  They are also my greatest mentors, which I will be leaning on even more for advice (just putting them on notice).   Please pull for me, I am signing off because there is work to do:)

3 thoughts on “I am a new dad – will I be a good one, and will I become a better leader?

  1. Donny, thank you for posting this. I pulled it up the other day when you posted it and then got interrupted. It was on my facebook still when I just opened it up. Great thoughts to start my day with.

    Reminds me if this speech:

    Good luck Big Daddy!

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