“Extraordinary = ordinary people doing extra things = Leadership”

Just being in a Leadership position does not make someone a leader.  In fact, the majority are managers holding Leadership positions.   Think about all the leaders that you would classify as extraordinary.  What makes them that way?  There are likely a couple of characteristics/accomplishments that make them shine, and that are a result of them possessing that something “extra”.   Sometimes it comes from a specific talent, however the majority of it comes from hard and smart work, and consistently doing more than is required.

For most, being extraordinary/a leader, is a choice.   Many make the choice early in life, while others have an epiphany somewhere along the way.  We know those that made the choice early in life – it tends to be very apparent.   As leaders, we spend a great deal of time trying to get others to have that awakening moment.   It is our duty and desire to develop other leaders, yet all we have is our influence because to be extraordinary is a choice, and it is not ours to make.  What we can do is support them and ensure them if they want it, it is their choice and commitment to make.  

One of the most frustrating things for leaders is that it seems people try to do everything to get ahead except the one thing that works consistently, which is putting forth extra effort.   Others will follow those that work hard and smart.  Others aspire to be like them, and what turns others into leaders is making the decision that they can do it to;  That they can become a leader.

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