“Reflect to stay on track, Deflect to make new tracks”

Leaders are stewards of plans, budgets, and goals. We know they are necessary and we know that without reflection they are pointless. We have systems in place that remind us of where we should be and much of our leadership is derived from understanding where we are vs. where we need to be. Leaders form the vision and also keep the organization on track. Vision and execution sit at the top of the priority list for all of us, however we also need to be open-minded and not overly rigid.

“Deflecting” from a plan, or a specific goal is sometimes necessary, and not doing so can be detrimental in some cases. No matter how much planning or goal setting we do, the outcome will be different (good or bad) because we are only able to work with current information at the time of planning. Our plan is part of the foundation and we must always have one, however it should not hold us back from deflecting from it when new information, circumstances, and opportunities present themselves.

Plans do not always work, however reflection does. Reflection will always be key to effective leadership, and when we reflect we must be open-minded in regards to what we need to change about the plan based on the newest information/opportunities.

One thought on ““Reflect to stay on track, Deflect to make new tracks”

  1. It was about this time in April of 2009 I took a bible fellowship opportunity to study Family Money Management God’s Way and Making Change another study book of the same: MOney Management. It was a good time to diversify my knowledge of budgeting as well as the management of my own priorities I can access in my spending. Management of my own goals I deadline myself through became a course long task, I am blessed to say I mastered during this event of positive change.

    Intimidated by the task of daily monitoring my expenses as well as the extra hour of study time before my week, I began by taking new spiritual direction and focus of the course head on. Although offering my own examples of my spending was difficult at first I was Finding how not to change the truth of it all for the actual value of “For What Its Worth!”

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