“There is no larger priority than having the right people in the right roles”

Having the very best people is a key differentiator.  It is not a fancy software system, contract vehicle, or a marketing/advertising campaign that leads an organization to success.  It is the people that suggest those new systems/processes, the people who implement them, and the people who take care of the customer and focus on forward progress on a daily basis.  The vast majority of success is directly attributable to a person or a group of people within an organization and as leaders we must never forget this key principle.  When it is forgotten, we see leaders trying to do too much themselves or trying to find a magic switch to flip, rather than focusing on improving the team for long term growth.  The importance and focus on having the right people is forgotten often.

Success comes from a culmanation of the very best people.  Therefore, we should be more excited about the people in our organizations than anything else.  If not, we are likely falling down on the job as leaders and some changes need to be made.  And when we are seeking new additions to our teams it should never be taken lightly.  The recruiting process can be stressful, but we should be excited about the potential of adding team members that will be future leaders and that will truly make a difference in the organization.  One constant is that we have an opportunity with each new hire to add someone to the team that will knock our socks off.  Someone that is all about helping us grow and their own personal growth.  Someone who has the drive and capability to grow and replace us – if we are able to continue replacing ourselves it is likely that everyone in the organization is growing.

Adding or making a change in team members is truly a huge opportunity.  It is an opportunity that should be given just as much priority as our largest customer or the largest deal we are working on.  In fact, finding and cultivating the right people is arguably more important to the long term success of the organizaiton than any current deal we are working on.

We must also remember that the way people fit with the organization is just as important as the individual themselves.

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