“Decisions are similar to clothes shopping. If we buy something that does not fit well, we end up returning it at some point. However our decisions are never as easy to return and rarely is there a refund for time, money, or emotion”

This applies to any type of leadership decision such as adding someone to the team, a proposal to a customer/potential customer, how we handle an internal senstive situation, the strategy and execution plans we develop with our teams, etc.   What they all have in common is that the majority of bad decisions can be avoided if there is enough focus on the “fit” upfront.  The fit is about understanding and respect.   If the decision is one sided, so will be the level of effort that follows.  Qualifying, understanding and committing to the style, needs, and desires of others, leads to mutual long term motivation and success.  

This topic is so broad and applicable that I had a hard time picking from the volume of examples that came to mind.  So instead, take some time today to reflect on your own examples, which will help further ingrain this concept.  It might just help you make the right decision on something you are currently focused on.

Remember to ensure a fit before going to the cash register.  Are you sure you took the time to try it on and was it truly a good fit?

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